Your Tesla might not be the only thing you need to recharge. But if it is, we’ve got you covered there. For most of us having a peaceful and beautifully appointed place to stay in the midst of a grueling road trip can be rejuvenating. The Heritage Inn is such a place. The Inn is perfectly situated as a mid-point for those traveling from the Phoenix or Tucson areas to destinations in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and even regions of Nevada. Or maybe you’re just exploring Arizona’s national parks or the many scenic destinations in the region. Flanked by two first rate restaurants, you won’t even have to get back in your car to dine in style. Come stay with us and relax until you need to get behind the wheel again. The Heritage Inn is the perfect rest stop for the road warriors among us. Come, traveler…come unwind and recharge your adventuresome spirit in a boutique hotel that was designed with you in mind.