We aren’t unwavering purists by any stretch when it comes to the food we eat. We do love the occasional cookie or potato chip. But we are innkeepers that value food that actually has nutritional value. Crazy, huh? For this reason, we have tried to be mindful in what we provide with our continental breakfast offering in the guest lounge. Sure, it would be easier and cheaper to just serve a steady stream of sugar and carbs. But that’s not how we eat and we value our guests enough to provide them with things we’d actually consume. So, yes, we have a few snacks, sodas and pastries. Let’s face it, we all get a sweet tooth now and then. But we have tried to balance those items with an array of healthier alternatives. We hope these little extensions of value will further differentiate us from the competition in the minds of our guests. But even if it doesn’t, we still feel good about providing more nutritious morning food options.