The White Mountains contain a multitude of streams and lakes that are loaded with brown, rainbow and brook trout, as well as traditional game fish. There is however one unique species of trout that is native to only this specific area of the country. Genetically pure Apache trout inhabit the cold water streams of the White Mountains. As with any unique species, the utmost respect for the laws and limits of the region should be strictly observed. Wet flies, small hooks, the right permit and a patient nature will be your greatest assets if you wish to hook one of these beautiful and unique fish. Bring your camera so a responsible catch and release protocol can be observed while still bringing back the visual evidence of your angling excellence.

Large Gathering? We got you!

With a newly remodeled, 3-bedroom, 3.5 bath main house, a fully equipped kitchen that’s surrounded by 9 additional beautifully remodeled suites, the Heritage Inn is uniquely structured to make your next family reunion, corporate retreat or large gathering a huge success.